30% of tree species threatened with extinction and we must act now

Each species faces its own challenge, such as

  • Over exploitation
  • Land clearance
  • Urbanisation
  • Collection for sale as ornamental plants
  • Climate change

Humans are the main driver for species loss and the challenges facing trees.

There is still time to save the world's threatened tree species

BGCI is working with botanic gardens, local communities, and governments across the globe to protect the world’s threatened tree species.

How BGCI saves a tree species

  • Protect remaining trees in the wild
  • Manage natural populations to sustainably increase their numbers
  • Collect seeds and grow trees in botanic gardens as a secure backup against extinction
  • Recover and restore trees in the wild

BGCI's Tree Conservation Fund

The first phase

The Tree Conservation Fund is an initiative created by BGCI to allow businesses and philanthropic organisations around the world to contribute to the essential effort to save the world’s threatened tree species. 

Our key criteria for selecting tree species include:

  • The most urgent cases, e.g. fewer than 50 individuals remaining in the wild
  • Combined biodiversity, carbon and livelihoods benefits in one species
  • Lack of technical and/or financial capacity in government or community to prevent extinction
  • Conservation of the species in the landscape still possible
  • Botanical and horticultural expertise required to prevent extinction

A systematic, cost-effective, and rational approach

  1. Global Tree Assessment identifies species at risk and sets priorities
  2. Conservation planning carried out
  3. Targeted action is taken for the most threatened tree species
  4. Conservation partners are empowered through training and financial support
  5. Local and international partners are mobilised