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To drive this ambitious effort, BGCI is seeking leaders who wish to put their resources to work on behalf of nature. 

We invite philanthropists, foundations, corporations, social impact funds and other investors to join us. Donors to the fund will be our partners and will contribute to tangible results delivered through an internationally connected conservation network. 

In a time of unprecedented global change, protecting trees and nature could not be more important. 

Together, we can ensure that our rich natural heritage is passed on for generations to come and we can build a more resilient planet. Please join us.

Our process together

BGCI’s Tree Conservation Fund works together with partners, sponsors, and local communities to save tree species. To save a tree species get in touch today!

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Any donation, big or small, helps BGCI to save tree species across the world. If you want to contribute to saving a tree species, donate via the link below. If you want to speak to us about sponsoring a tree species, contact us via the form on this page or by emailing

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