Hopea foxworthyi

Where is this tree found?

This large tree only grows on Sibuyan Island in the Philippines. It is found in primary lowland forest, particularly on red sticky volcanic soil.

Sibuyan Island has remained isolated from the rest of the world since its formation and is known as the Galápagos of Asia due to its rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Why save this tree?

It is a narrow endemic and culturally significant as the wood was the primary material used to build the traditional houses on Sibuyan Island.

There are thought to be only approximately 5,100 individuals left in the wild. Unregulated logging is a problem on the island and contributes to the decline in the species.


The Philippines






How to save this species

Building local knowledge is important for the long-term conservation of this species. Local communities will be equipped with the skills to grow the species in community nurseries. Selling saplings will also provide an additional source of income.

Working with local authorities, local ordinances for the protection of the species will be prepared. Natural populations will also be increased through reinforcement planting and facilitating natural regeneration.

$ 120000 /yr
cost to save the species
5 years
duration of the project

A systematic, cost-effective, and rational approach

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