Cupressus cashmeriana

Securing the future of the sacred Tsenden, Bhutan

The national tree of Bhutan, Cupressus cashmeriana, known as Tsenden, is of immense cultural and religious significance to the people of Bhutan for the construction of holy buildings (Dzongs) and monasteries. The demand for this tree has put wild populations at risk of overexploitation. The mayor of Dangchu Valley requested technical assistance to restore hillsides where trees have been felled. Training was provided by RBG Edinburgh, nurseries established and a restoration programme was initiated. The people of the Dangchu valley, where the largest population of Tsenden occurs, have formed a community nursery with the key aim of cultivating, conserving and planting Tsenden for future generations.

The project’s outcome

  • New knowledge about the tree has been generated such as optimum growing conditions.
  • The people of Dangchu village have planted over 12 hectares with 41,000 seedlings of wild origin and diverse genetics.
  • Mother trees have been fenced to protect them from disturbance by people and livestock.
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